Programming Your System to Include a Labeling Solution

A Programming Integration White Paper


  •  Executive Summary
  •  API Integration Method (Programming Method)
       -  Objects, Methods, Properties
       -  NiceLabel Print Engine(s)
  •  NiceLabel's Application Programming Interface (API)
       -  Using NiceLabel API
       -  NiceLabel Wrapper
       -  Examples of API Integration
       -  Example of Web API Integration
       -  Example of Pocket API Integration
       -  More API Examples with the NiceLabel Integration Pack
  •  NiceLabel Integration Solutions
       -  NiceLabel Developer Series
       -  NiceLabel Pro
  •  Conclusion
  •  Appendix

Executive Summary

As the global business competition tightens, businesses increasingly refocus their attention to the customer and adopt the "market of one" strategy. This approach has been driving a surge in IT system customization, to the point where many companies run their business on completely customized systems. When faced with the daunting task of adding a complete new functionality to such a system, integration is not only the best, but often the only choice available.

This white paper focuses on the API programming method of printing functionality integration, a method that, while it may not be the easiest of all possibilities to implement, provides the most freedom in its versatility. This method is intended for:

  • Extensively customized infrastructures that cannot support a new layer of software, and demand full integration
  • IT systems, which demand absolute and unlimited customization of label printing processes
  • IT systems, which demand a completely seamless integration of a new functionality into existing applications

This method of integration is the easiest to adapt to and learn by the end-users of the technologies, as the printing solutions are not intricately connected to the existing infrastructure, but rather build into it, effectively becoming a part of it. Indeed, such an approach to integration requires some modification of the current infrastructure and previous programming experience.

The programming integration is based on the premise that for a printing system to be truly and absolutely integrated in an existing IT environment, it must become part of the environment. When this is done optimally, the resulting solutions can avoid changing the processes and operation of existing systems but they expand them to some degree.

Programming integration, compared to other integration methods, is more difficult to implement. It demands advanced programming skills and the ability to insert the NiceLabel printing building-block into the existing software, to maintain it, and to develop it with time as the IT system changes, to adapt to fulfill its needs.

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