NiceLabel Advanced Printing Management Solutions

NiceLabel's focus on the needs of enterprises


  •    Executive Summary
  •    Enterprise Solutions
         -   Global Printing Network
         -   Complete Transparency of All Printing Operations
         -   Print Job Status Control
         -   Central Resource Repository
         -   Grouping of Printing Platforms
         -   Alerting and Error Control
         -   Web Printing
         -   History
         -   Reports
  •    Conclusion
  •    Appendix   

Executive Summary

While it may be true that NiceLabel is not the only provider of enterprise label printing solutions, it has long been a driving force in the market. The labeling technology has recently caught up to and surpassed the technical needs of the enterprises, and it became increasingly obvious that labeling solutions failed to address the issues of the modern organized enterprise.

NiceLabel answered this call by once again redefining the approach to enterprise labeling with solutions, which redirected their primary focus from technical capability to business needs, such as cost management, resource management, reliability, quality assurance, and self-sustainment with minimal supervision.

This paper will illustrate the approach NiceLabel has taken to develop advanced printing control and management technology to offer the enterprise visible business benefits, such as unprecedented control over its printing resources and processes, reducing costs, increasing reliability, and productivity.

Following the resounding success of the NiceLabel printing integration methods and platforms, the enterprise partners largely requested a broader integration of label printing. The need for the complete integration of label printing into the broader organizational scheme of the enterprise was addressed, and resulted in a system, which provides an unprecedented organization and transparency of the printing system.

The business benefits of such a system are both significant and measurable, allowing the enterprise to cut costs, increase productivity, and utilization of resources. Most importantly, it transforms the printing system into a self-sustained organized operation, minimizing the need for physical supervision and control.

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