Designing and Exporting Labels to Your Existing IT Infrastructure

A Direct Printing Integration White Paper


  •   Executive Summary
  •   The Direct Printing Integration Method (Exporting Labels)
       -  Exporting Labels to a Mobile Device
       -  Exporting Labels to Stand-alone Printers and Smart Keyboards
       -  Exporting Labels to SAP ERP
       -  Fully Customized Label Export with Hooks
       -  Export to image
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix

Executive Summary

The recent years have taught us to love our ERP, SAP, and other integrated business support systems. Still, as much as they would love to, they cannot support every single eventual business need. Label printing is one such functionality, and the integration of it can be as easy or difficult as we make it ourselves.

This paper focuses on the integration of standalone label printing through the lens of NiceLabel products, however our extensive research of customer needs and wishes does make the methodology very broadly applicable. This method of integration is best suited for:

  • IT environments which already possess a printing infrastructure and processes, but lack a powerful compatible label design tool
  • Environments where the raw speed of printing is the one most important feature of the infrastructure
  • Environments that require a high level of compatibility, and require the capacity of label printing on machines without a label printing software installation

The advanced features that label printing is expected to facilitate can involve complex warehouse management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and beyond, and as companies grow, many are looking to incorporate easy-to-use, maintenance friendly and cost effective label printing capabilities into their current IT environment. The IT environment constantly evolves to reflect the business needs and technological advances of the industry, and the labeling operation is expected to keep pace, but at the same time, remain fully compatible and seamlessly intuitive.

The standalone integration method of label printing includes label export functionalities and the Store and Recall option.

  • This function stores all of the static components of a label into the printer's internal storage, and the printing can be issued at a later time by recalling the label and entering the field data.
  • No further label input is needed, and the printer not only prints this label independently, it also prints faster, due to the smaller size of transmitted data. 
  • Easy access to the printing functionality from any computer which can send commands to the label printer

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