Clustering NiceLabel


  • Executive Summary
  • The Reasons for Clustering
  • What Is Clustering?
             -   Term Definitions
             -   Clustering Types
             -   Microsoft Cluster Service
  • NiceDrivers and NiceLabel Applications on Cluster
             -   NiceDriver on a Cluster
             -   NiceLabel Network on a Cluster
             -   NiceWatch Server on a Cluster
  • Appendix

Executive Summary

From small local production companies to global enterprises, all companies today rely on running business services on computers. The modern computers of the era are much more reliable than they were a few years ago, but the increasing demands on computer equipment adversely affect their availability. If a business-critical computer fails, the application is offline and this directly translates into lost revenue.

This White Paper explains how clustering can help decrease or eliminate service downtime and the benefits of running NiceLabel products on clustered servers. It provides step-by-step configuration instructions for high-availability printers, NiceLabel Suite Network edition, and NiceWatch (or NiceWatch Server).

Download: English version