Bidirectional Communication:

The backbone of the modern printing infrastructure



  • Executive summary
  • What is Bidirectional Printer Communication
         -   Practical Application
         -   Types and levels of bidirectional communication
  • Technical Structure
  • NiceLabel Information Flow
         -   Application to Driver
         -   Driver to Spooler
         -   Language Monitor to Port Monitor
         -   Language Monitor and status reports
  • Common issues
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix

Executive Summary

Bidirectional printing communication is a typical underappreciated technical development. Although it is the literal backbone of any advanced printing system that leans on IT support to control printing errors and production performance, it is not well known or much talked about even in the professional printing industries.

The lack of knowledge about bidirectional communication hinders creative approaches to using its benefits in current and future solutions, and in gathering information for this white paper, the author found that even general online resources in the industry proved appallingly lacking on the topic.

This white paper aims to educate the intermediate to advanced technical reader on the basic structure of bidirectional printing communication in printing infrastructures supported by NiceLabel products. While other printing solutions that include bidirectional communication are not approached in detail, there are few (if any) differences in the basic approach to the technical structure.

The white paper will provide the reader with a birds-eye view of what bidirectional communication in labeling entails, providing a base to build upon and hopefully, a resource to draw from in the development of new and creative label printing solutions.

Download: English version