EU Nutrition Labeling Compliance

Major Changes on Food Labeling Regulation

The European Food Information To Consumers Regulation that came into effect in 2011 is becoming mandatory by December 2016. It represents the first major revision of Europe’s food labeling rules in 30 years and requires food businesses to redesign the format and content of their food labels. The regulation required businesses to change labeling of allergen ingredients in 2014. In 2016 it is mandatory to provide nutrition facts information.

At NiceLabel, we have studied the regulation thoroughly to prepare simplified guides about the key changes coming your way and we have updated our label and printing solutions to help you become compliant with the regulation as quickly as possible.

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The NiceLabel Guide to nutrition label compliance

Find out about the 12 key changes you need to make on your nutrition labels and 4 easy steps to ensure compliance and improve your label processes to become more efficient:

  1. Do a nutritional analysis
  2. Have the right database tool
  3. Select a label design method
  4. Ensure reliable printing

Download the Guide to the EU Nutrition Labels


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We created a complete solution for managing your labels in compliance with the EU regulation. Become compliant today.


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