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Drive printing from your enterprise applications

NiceLabel Automation Enterprise module is a native 64-bit application that seamlessly integrates printing into your SAP, Oracle and other enterprise applications. The all-in-one server architecture includes business connectors, business rules, workflows and a print engine in a single service. This architecture combined with the next-generation technology provides unprecedented levels of printing performance, reliability and accuracy.

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Configurable business logic

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What makes us different?

In-memory processing provides unprecedented levels of printing performance

All-in-one production server

The NiceLabel Automation Enterprise module includes business connectors, data transformation, business rules, business workflows and a print server in a single service. All transactions and data processing happens in the same memory space. In-memory processing is 100x faster than transmitting data between applications and servers. The all-in-one architecture also reduces downtime and simplifies maintenance.

Native 64-bit architecture

Automation Enterprise was built from the ground up for the modern 64-bit multi-core architecture to provide the fastest, most reliable and efficient 24/7 printing capability. It is a native 64-bit application that eliminates the need for additional technology layers required by the previous generation of 32-bit applications.

In-memory processing provides unprecedented levels of printing performance


Business benefits

Reduce operational costs and increase agility

Improve process efficiency and data accuracy

Your business information system should be the single source of truth for label data, directly driving label printing processes. Connect business applications, such as ERP, WMS, SCM, MES and PLM to your label printing infrastructure to improve process efficiency and data accuracy.

  • Achieve data accuracy through integration with the master data.
  • Eliminate costly maintenance and support of decentralized applications.
  • Eliminate time consuming manual data-entry.
  • Eliminate data-entry errors and mislabeling.

Faster time to value

Standard interfaces to mainstream and legacy systems eliminate the need for costly and time consuming programming. The high throughput 64-bit print engine can simultaneously handle thousands of print requests to globally distributed printers.

  • Rapid implementation with pre-built connectors for SAP, Oracle, etc.
  • 64-bit print engine enables scalability to an infinite number of printers.
  • In-memory processing delivers performance you can't overload.
  • Architected for reliability you can't break.

Agility without coding

NiceLabel's business logic includes configurable business rules and business workflows. Configure business rules to select label formats, languages and printers based on data attributes. Configure business workflows to print multiple labels from a single request, return label preview to other applications and collect required data from multiple sources.

Scalability you can't outgrow

NiceLabel Automation Enterprise can simultaneously process thousands of print requests to globally distributed printers. The next generation print engine delivers unmatched performance and leverages all of your existing printers’ capabilities, while minimizing network traffic and system resources.

Increase the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of your printing process

Increase the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of your printing process

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Performance you can't overload

64-bit performance and mission-critical stability

Some of our customers print millions of labels per day and downtime is not an option. We've achieved unparalleled performance and system stability by developing our products using the latest 64-bit technology.

The only 64-bit label print server

64-bit technology is faster and more stable for high volume label printing. Multi-core print processing ensures unmatched performance and scalability. High availability environments benefit from support for load balancing and failover cluster.

Connectors, business rules and print engine in one application

Seamless integration with built-in connectors

Pre-built for SAP and Oracle applications

NiceLabel includes pre-built connectors for SAP and Oracle systems. Connectivity to other applications is provided using HTTP, Web services and database connections. All connections are configured using a graphical interface without any coding.

Built-in for unmatched performance

Connectors are built-in in the print server, which provides performance, reliability and cost advantages. In-memory processing is 100x faster and more reliable than transmitting data between applications and servers.

Bi-directional for advanced integration

Built-in connectors allow you to collect data from a variety of sources such as ERP, MES, PLM, WMS... Additionally, NiceLabel sends label preview, printer and print job status information back to these systems.

Business logic for business users without coding

Extract data without coding

NiceLabel Automation Enterprise includes a graphical data mapper. The mapper allows you to extract the data from any structured (csv, XML) or unstructured (legacy printer commands) format and transform it into any other format without coding.

Graphical business rules builder

Business rules simplify integration with your enterprise applications. Use business rules to request data from additional sources and select label formats, languages and printers based on data attributes or print multiple labels from a single request.

Workflows beyond printing

Configure Automation Enterprise to streamline and automate other processes besides printing. Automation Enterprise can function as a process execution engine and as a multi-transport hub for data exchange and data transformations.

Map data without coding. Live preview during configuration. Highlighted data selection.

Use the graphical mapper to extract data from and transform it to any format.


Performance, uptime and reliability with Microsoft certified printer drivers

At NiceLabel, we employ the industry standard Windows driver architecture. Our drivers are developed in-house, certified by Microsoft and validated by printer manufacturers. We develop drivers for all of the major printer manufacturers, which ensures you can leverage the full stack of capabilities provided by your printers. Billions of labels are printed each day all around the world using NiceLabel driver technology. You will get the fastest and most consistent output native to both your printer and the operating system.

The modular driver infrastructure allows you to add or update drivers in a matter of seconds without disrupting other parts of your system and causing production downtime. Proprietary non-Windows driver approaches, ignoring industry standards and best practices, require stopping production and upgrading the print service to add new printer families.

support for all label printers Zebra, Sato, TSC, Datamax, Intermec...


Increase the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of your printing process

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